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Raise your hand if you have a therapist

Raise your hand if you have a therapist. A style therapist, that is…

Lately it seems like that is my new job title. Whether I am decorating a newly renovated home or just one room in a house, every client has the same underlying desire: they want someone to solve their design problems while being emotionally supportive at the same time.

Let’s be honest—there are a lot of emotions involved when decorating our
homes: The highest highs that come from pinning beautiful images on Pinterest, to the crushing lows when you realize there are just too many choices out there and you’re back at square one. One day you are optimistic and motivated, and the next you’ve admitted defeat. But you don’t have to ride that emotional roller coaster alone … maybe you just need a pep talk from your therapist.

Turns out I am just the person for the job. No one likes talking about feelings more than me, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love a good comfy couch. When I made the shift from designing textiles to interior decorating this year it was because of my passion for helping people uncover their true style. Nothing upsets me more than when I hear people say that their home doesn’t feel right … or that it brings them stress instead of joy, or worse yet—that they are too scared to even pick a paint colour. It seems that people want more than just a great fabric swatch or lampshade—they want to feel good about themselves.

I have learned that my clients just need someone to hold their hand while making big decisions about incredibly personal spaces. They want to feel taken care of. They want someone to celebrate their good choices, and to talk them out of making bad ones. And much like one would rely on a therapist to listen to their problems and strategize a solution—they need a style therapist to do all of that with the reassurance that everything is going to be okay.

One of my recent clients summed it up perfectly when she asked if in addition to her design package, she could hire me to be her cheerleader. She said she just needs someone enthusiastic to call when she’s out shopping and finds the perfect piece … or consequently someone brutally honest who will say “step away from the bronze sculpture!”

And my answer was yes. Yes to all of it. Whatever gets you closer to loving your home and feeling good about yourself—I would be honoured to be your style therapist and your cheerleader.

I am happy to announce that 12 is now serving the Barrie and surrounding areas as well as the G.T.A. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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